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Bingo is a game played with bingo cards which has numbers and all you have to do is match your card numbers with the numbers being called out. Sounds easy and interesting, well it is. Bingo is one of the most easiest and fun filled gambling games.

Online bingo games have reached players across the world and have increase the number of players. Players who are lucky with numbers should definitely try their luck with online bingo games.

Online bingo games are played for fun, pleasure and not to forget the enticing jackpots offered. Players like to play bingo online as it is completely secured and they can play at their own pace. To play online you need to deposit funds in your account get bingo cards and start playing.

To hit a jackpot a player needs to make sure he has got all the numbers called in on his bingo card, and hits bingo before anyone else goes. The most easiest and popular online bingo games is the cover all game.

Common online bingo games

Most of the online bingo games offered by online casinos are the 75 and the 90 number games. Well the basic difference in these games is that there are numbers ranging from 1 to 75 and 1 to 90 on these bingo cards.

In this online bingo game all you have to do is cover all the numbers called out in the game and match it with the numbers you have on your bingo card. These numbers can be in any sequence but has to cover all the numbers being called out.

Once all the numbers are covered on your bingo card you need to hit the bingo button and get your bingo card verified. If no one has claimed bingo until the 41st number is called out, then the jackpot is reduced and the game continues.

Apart from the regular games played, online bingo games also include perks or side games like the first 10. This is another attraction for new players as a prize is given out to the bingo card which has got 10 numbers begin called out from the list of numbers.

Not all websites offer diagonal sequence when playing online bingo games. The diagonal sequence is won when a player’s bingo card has numbers in a diagonal sequence, which is the north to the east direction or south to the west.

Perks that you can win while playing online bingo games

Players can also play for four corners as a part of online bingo games. All you have to do is get any numbers being called out in the four corners of your card and you win. The payout for these side games are not huge but are surely a motivation for online bingo players.

Other online bingo games include outside frame, which is getting all the number in the upper, bottom, right and left lines. Then there is the inside frame online bingo game where all the numbers that are inside the outside frame must be on your bingo card.


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